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i s   o u r   s p e c i a l t y

We have New and Expanded services

No worry Web Hosting - WE HANDLE EVERYTHING

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From websites to email to spam filtering - when you compare us to the cheap service providers, be sure to read the fine print and don’t be fooled by the wording - you will have to understand the technical terms and do everything yourself

No worry Disaster recovery

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Computer backups & restoration, data recovery from file corruption to hardware failure . . . . . 

No worry Malware protection

Managed protection services for viruses & malware - you’ve seen the headlines of users getting locked out of their own computers with ransom demands to decrypt and restore their data - this can be prevented 95% of the time, for the other 5% we can restore your data - with no ransom fee

No worry Paperless Office

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NO REALLY, it’s not as difficult as   you might think - You heard the  promises for decades - the problem is that most busnesses don’t know how to put it into practice

  And last - (this is a biggie)  
 - Use what you have

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Many people & businesses do not know of the MASSIVE computing capabilites available to them that they already have
By and far, most people do not utilize the technology in their business let alone what they have in their hand

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